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The Nob Hill Fire Department is asking for your help.

Serious bleeding is the most frequent cause of preventable death. Death can happen in minutes. Even though your Nob Hill Fire Department will arrive quickly, you can be there even quicker.

Life-threatening bleeding interventions can be administered by anyone with some basic instruction. Properly applying a tourniquet can be leaned in a very short class.

We are asking you to sponsor the purchase of the instructional materials and tourniquet kits for these classes. Once purchased, your Nob Hill Fire Department can begin teaching these free classes to schools, clubs, churches, and other local organizations.
We’re faced with terror attacks, active shooters, natural disasters, farm equipment and auto accidents. Having a first responder arrive in our rural area quickly enough is not always possible. You or your next door neighbor can get there faster. You or your next door neighbor can be prepared with bleed control skills.

Support us with your financial contribution to purchasing these kits. Your contribution may lead to saving the life of a neighbor, family member, or even yourself.

Contact us at StopTheBleed@ nobhillfire.com for more information on training for STOP THE BLEED.

Our goal is to raise 50 Tourniquets and 20 Trauma & Bleeding Control Kits.

Thank you for caring about your community.

Contribute here:

See more here: https://www.facebook.com/324046344525/posts/10156581841379526

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